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Liquid Marseille soap:

Known for centuries for its excellent antiseptic properties and washing, the soap is still widely used around the world.It remains a great value, a natural and ecological, dermatologist recommended, especially for intolerant skin.

The manufacture of liquid soaps from Marseille Freesens, based on an ancient method known as "the cauldron" that is under constant surveillance by a "Master soap."Vegetable oils are indeed heated in a cauldron of natural potash is then incorporated, creating a chemical reaction: the saponification.

The Master Soap and oversees the entire operation is on the various parameters: cooking time, temperature, mixing ingredients ...The soap paste obtained is then diluted with water from the Alps and is the raw material of our liquid soaps.

All our soaps meet the regulatory requirements of the European Union.
Our liquid soaps from Marseille contain no parabens, no sulfate or animal fat or palm oil and are naturally enriched with glycerin, known for its soothing properties.

Our soaps are available in four scents: Orange Blossom, Flowers of Provence, Green Tea and Vanilla Honey

Pump bottle of 1 liter

Moisturising shower gel, soap-free Freesens:

The shower gel is soap free Freesens enriched surgras agents. It cleans the skin gently and without irritating daily, thanks to its neutral pH, which respects the epidermis,Its high tolerance can be used daily even for sensitive skin, dry or sensitive.

It is particularly suitable for intolerant skin with soap.

This is a 2 in 1, it applies to the skin of the face and body but also on the hair. Its creamy texture provides softness, comfort and suppleness to the skin
It contains no parabens, no animal fats, soap or phthalates, and silicone.

Pump bottle of 1 liter.

Ultra Nourishing Body Emulsion Freesens:

The macadamia nut is known since antiquity.The macadamia nut oil which is extracted is a dry oil and leaves no greasy feeling skin on skin after application .. Because of its excellent penetrating it effectively prevents dry skin and restores suppleness and softness.

The emulsion Freesens body is particularly suitable for dry and very dry. Its formula is enriched with Macadamia oil to provide skin softness and comfort.

Its texture is fine, soft, light and non greasy.
It can be used in daily care to nourish the skin, or in all cases of dry skin: in winter because of weather, in summer after sun exposure.

Pump bottle of 500 ml

Hand Cream Freesens:

The hand cream Freesens nourishes, protects and soothes the hands of the most withered.

It is enriched with viamine A and E and jojoba oil known for their healing properties. Its texture is light, its fast penetration, it is not greasy and delicately scented.

Its use is particularly recommended for damaged hands from daily aggressions: cold, pollution, detergents.

75ml tube

Face and Body Cream Freesens:

Face and Body Cream is enriched Freesens:

shea butter and urea: hydratingglycerin and sweet almond oil: softening action in grape seed oil: anti-oxidantoil peach kernel: firmingin chamomile: soothingVitamin E: healing action

This is a cream formulation of comprehensive, suitable for all skin types. It provides softness and comfort and because of its non-greasy texture and can be used morning and / or evening.It can be used throughout the year, to prevent attacks from the outside in winter to prevent the effects of cold in summer and after sun exposure.

150 ml tube

Shower Gel with Moisturising Coconut Oil

The Moisturising Shower Gel Freesens to coconut oil, contains no soap.It is suitable for the most delicate skin and helps clean the skin gently and everyday life. This is a 2 in 1, it can be used for the skin (face and body), but also for the hair. It is enriched with sweet almond oil.

Tube 200 ml

Shower Gel + milk Freesens

It contains 33% lotion: it's a 2 in 1 washing it and moisturizes at the same time and is therefore especially for dry and very dry.This is a soap-free formula, delicately scented, enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Tube 200 ml


0% silicone


Aloe Vera


Freesens shower gel without soap is enriched with Aloe Vera surgras agents. It cleanses the skin gently and daily without irritating thanks to its neutral pH that respects the skin. Its high tolerance is ideal for dry, sensitive and delicate skin.This is a 2 in 1, it applies as well to the skin (face and body) on the hair.Its creamy texture provides softness, comfort and suppleness to the skin.Enriched with Aloe Vera traditionally used to heal and moisturize the skin.Pump bottle 1 liter.0% paraben0% animal fat0% soap